The profit share is the most profitable option. Our professional traders have been using the best trading strategies and market analysis.  The combination of the Forex Trading and the Binary Options can generate the best profit for all of us.

The shareowners will receive the same profit, then our accounts every month. The ”Investor’s Area” shows the number of owned shares, the earned profit (refreshed weekly). The shareowners can withdraw their profit, sell their shares and buy new ones from here.

Click here to see the STATISTICS of the Profit Share!


ALL SHARES ARE INSURED FOR 80% BY ING GROUP! The price of one share is $50 and you can buy it with cryptocurrencies. Your profit and the share’s worth will be counted in USD, not in cryptocurrencies. 

FILL THIS FORM, or choose from the packages below


$1,000 package – 20 + 1 shares

1 share – $50

10 shares – $500

50 shares + 2 extra shares – $2,500

You will receive your login details to your ”Investor’s Area” in the next 24 hours after your payment confirmed.


You can buy SIL Micro shares from only $10. These are the shares to those who don’t have $50 to buy the classic SIL Profit Shares. The Micro Shares has fix 20% monthly profit.



If you don’t know how to buy cryptocurrencies, read the instructions below!

CoinMama – The fastest/easiest way to buy ETH/BTC! Trusted (10) company!

Follow these steps to buy BitCoins!

1.Register a Blockchain account.

2. Register a Coinmama account. Sign up and verify it (fast verification). Buy BTC instantly with any bank cards.

3. Click on the Request button in your Blockchain account to find your Bitcoin address.  Copy it and add it to your Coinmama account as a receiver address.

4. Request an invoice to buy SIL Shares. Click on the link, fill the form, choose BTC and click on Checkout.

5. Copy the BTC address and the amount.

6. Go to your Blockchain address, click on the Send button, fill the transfer request and complete the transfer.

In 24 hours, your account will be ready and your shares will start to work to you.