SkyIsTheLimit Inc. provides the best investment options worldwide. Our team helps you to reach the highest profit in any investment type you choose from only $50 investment.


What does the highest profit mean?

This depends on the investment amount and the type of investment, but the worst option will give min. 5% profit.

We’re working on to reach the best results on each investment type and we’ll share it day by day.


What kind of investment options we have?

We are generating profit with Forex Trading and Binary Options for our partners and we created three options you can choose from.

#1 – SkyIsTheLimit Profit Share: This is the most profitable investment option. With this share, you will earn almost the same monthly profit, then our company accounts. We are generating profit on Forex Trading and Binary Options accounts (90%/10% of the Company Trading Fund – CTF – value). The average monthly profit of our accounts was 57.62% during the testing. The testing was 12 months. The Profit Shares insured to 80% by ING Group. Price of a share: $50.

#2 – Forex Copy Trading: Forex trading is a very profitable investment type. The master account of this option is a new one. The expected monthly profit of this account is between 15%-30%. The minimum investment: $100

#3 – Binary Options Copy Trading: The copy trading of a Binary Options account is a new option. The good in Binary Options is that the profit of each winning trade is very high (75-85%). The expected monthly profit of this account is 15%-30%. The minimum investment: $500

As you can see all of the options are very profitable. You can reach the highest return with the Profit Share, but the other two options generate fantastic profits.


How can I start to invest?

Click on any investment option on the top menu, read more about them, check the statistics and read the investment instructions.